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Building your


Worship Ministry Mentoring 

Group Coaching

We provide group-coaching sessions for worship teams and contemporary bands looking to build an excellent teamwork

environment in honoring the Lord. We also will work with churches and ministry groups to help create and develop worship teams and worship bands from scratch! So whether you are starting something completely new, or rejuvenating an already existing team, please talk with us about how to get started! We will help you set up a plan that’s just right for you and your team.

Individual Mentoring

Our experienced staff provides ministry mentoring to individuals called to be worship leaders, worship pastors, or involved in any kind of music ministry. We will provide both spiritual guidance, and musical training for those who are ready to step into active ministry. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you get plugged in and put your calling into action!

Education Tracks



We provide education tracks for students who are planning to pursue a college career in music education or music performance. Let us help

prepare you for your higher education!

Click ‘Learn More’ below to

access a printable version

of our education tracks!***

Individually Tailored Internships

1. Passionate students who display a strong work ethic and are currently enrolled at Queen City Performing Arts are eligible to apply for an internship in ministry, education, and/or other

performing arts careers. 

2. Our individually tailored internships provide training, hands-on experiences, and well-balanced opportunities that help each intern quickly grow towards their goals.

3. If you are SERIOUS about a carrier in performing arts, music education, or music ministry, please consider applying for an internship with us.

4. There are two levels of applied work and study times required for


Level 1 = 10 hours per week

Level 2 = 20 hours per week

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